About Us

Westchester Parenting Solutions is a unique parent consultation service offered by Melissa Otero, Psy.D. and Lisa Schwartz, Psy.D. 

Together, Dr. Otero and Dr. Schwartz offer a fresh alternative to traditional parent training and support.


In-Home Consultation

We understand that parents have multi-dimensional, dynamic lives, and that traditional office visits may not always answer the needs of every family's lifestyle. Further, we believe that parents have the right to have open and honest conversations about parenthood in a comfortable, fun, and non-judgmental setting. As a result, we have designed a series of talks based on the following topics: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, How To Talk So Teens Will Listen, and Siblings Without Rivalry. In addition, we are able to create workshops and talks based on your specific needs and interests.  Tell us what is important to you, and we will design a package to meet your needs, all in the comfort of your home.

Corporate Consultation

Many households today have two working parents, and we believe that parents in the workforce should have access to as much information and support as possible. Adults who feel effective and happy in their home lives, are often more productive, show greater leadership qualities, and have better work relationships. We are pleased to offer a Lunch & Learn series, covering important and specific parenting topics, at your workplace.

"Talk & Take-Out"

We believe that community and connection is an essential component of effective and happy parenting. We have designed a special package for parents who wish to host a morning, afternoon, or evening in their home. Gather a group of fellow parents, let us know your interests, and we will bring our expertise and some delicious take-out to the table. Research has repeatedly shown that sharing a meal with others is good for your spirit, brain, and overall health. We want to change the landscape so that parents are more mindful of their strengths, less shamed by their challenges, and more confident in their abilities to have loving relationships with their families.



Contact us to discuss your needs. We will customize a package and provide you with a quote.  Special group rates are available. For the Talk & Take-Out package, we gladly provide food. Reading and educational materials are included.


Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone:

(914) 721-0144 

(914) 873-0270 

We have an ongoing series of lectures based on the following topics in both the Westchester and Fairfield County areas: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, How To Talk So Teens Will Listen, and Siblings Without Rivalry. Contact Westchester Parenting Solutions to inquire about schedules and locations.

Join us for our next 3-week educational series:

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

Scarsdale Adult School

April 15, 22, and 29, 2015